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Ranveer Kaur

Ranveer Kaur

Customer focused, results orientated, market savvy

Ranveer's accumulated experience in sales and the real estate market over the past 11 years ensures that she is well equipped to deal with the challenges that real estate salespeople face on a daily basis. Having worked with vendors through the GFC and buoyant markets, Ranveer has the skills set to navigate through any market.
Ranveer is certainly an asset when it comes to preparing your home for the market. Her ability to negotiate and carefully position your home to attract suitable buyers means that you are more likely to receive a better return on your investment. 

Understanding that buying or selling one of your greatest assets can be quite overwhelming or stressful; Ranveer sets out to make your experience with real estate, a good one. Her ability to negotiate and mediate between parties helps smooth the way towards a successful transaction. 

As a mother, school teacher, call centre and a Real Estate professional, Ranveer is committed to doing everything possible to be of service in her community and make a difference in the property market by exceeding vendors' expectations. 

Ranveer is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Her diverse background gives her access to a large network of potential buyers and sellers both locally and internationally.

Being diligent, upfront and honest, with integrity and loyalty Ranveer does what it takes to get results and turn her clients and customers' property dreams into reality!

Give Ranveer a call today on 0210-482888 and Together Let's Make It Happen!

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Ranveer Kaur

Licensed Sales Consultant

9 Sharkey Street