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How to apply for a property

How to apply for a property

Search for properties available on our website here.

On the bottom of each listing is a link to take you to the online application form.

To assist you in ensuring your application is processed in an expedient manner, please ensure your application is returned with:

  • Copies of all appropriate documentation
  • All sections completed in full including contact details of referees
  • All applicants have completed an individual application form and signed the application where indicated


Failure to complete you application in full and return with required documentation will delay processing and could result in the property being rented to another applicant.

We recommend that to assist in ensuring the processing of your application that you request from your previous agent or property owner:

  • A copy of your rental payment history (rent ledger)
  • A letter recommending you as a Tenant including dates of your Tenancy, weekly rent paid, details of inspections whilst a Tenant and a contact name for Harcourts to confirm details with
  • Advising your previous Agent / Property Owner that we will be contacting them to confirm details of your Tenancy


If you have rented several properties over the past three (3) years, we require information from all past Agents / Property Owners, including privately rented.

Applications take up to 24 hours to process (providing all relevant referees can be contacted).  This may include checks through relevant credit check databases.

On acceptance of this application, all applicants are required to meet at this office, 9 Shakey Street, Manukau at a scheduled time to sign the Tenancy Agreement and to pay the Letting Fee (equivalent to the first weeks rent plus GST).  It will then be necessary for you to pay the balance of the money, being the bond, (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) and the first weeks rent, prior to the commencement of the Tenancy.

Please Note: The property will continue to be actively marketed and available until the Tenancy Agreement is signed by all parties and the Letting Fee has been paid.  We do not accept cash, payment can be made by Bank Cheque, Eftpos or direct into our Trust Account at the time of meeting.